Jun 22

It’s June 22nd, 2011, and I’m about to go propose to my wonderful girlfriend, Caitlin. If she says no, this will be the shortest and saddest blog in the history of the internet. I don’t anticipate that happening, though.

If all goes according to plan, that will leave exactly 500 days until our planned wedding date of November 3rd, 2012. 500 days of tastings, fittings, venues, decorations, gift registries, photographers, and invitation fonts. If you know us, you know it might take the entirety of that time to choose a font for the invitations.

Most wedding blogs I’ve found are written from the perspective of the bride. This one, however, comes primarily from the groom’s perspective. It’ll be a great ride.

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  1. Bill Harris

    Congratulations guys! I hope everything goes off smoothly! Good luck!


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