The Dress Post

The Dress Post

Nov 03
The Dress Post

In honor of hitting one year(!) until the wedding day, here’s the story of how we bought the dress I’ll be wearing one year from today. I want to assure our readers that what I am about to discuss isn’t spoiling tradition. All David will know after reading this is that I will, in fact, be wearing a wedding dress on November 3, 2012. So let’s begin…

I have been looking at wedding dresses online for quite some time. Finding a dress I can see myself wearing has been a challenge because everything out there looks so similar. There are some styles that I know I cannot pull off, and there’s even more styles that I just hate. My mom and I had been to a few bridal shops to just look around, and I saw nothing I like. (And can I also say, ew – old sample dresses are the nastiest things I have ever seen. Why would I want to put that on my body?)

Through all my searching, I realized that there was one brand/designer in particular that I liked. I was looking at their website one day when I noticed one dress that I had never seen on there before. It wasn’t exactly what I’d been thinking of all along, but I really loved it. I showed the picture to my parents, and they liked it, too. I decided that I needed to try this dress on and see how much it was… because we didn’t really know what to expect from a dress budget. The website said that their brand was carried at Bride Beautiful, the shop I had planned to visit. Unfortunately, I discovered they didn’t have that style when I called them about the dress. I starting calling every store the website listed, but I kept getting no, after no, after no. I called one store (the name of which I cannot remember), and she told me that they had it, but they had just sold the sample a week before I called. Dang!

The next store I called was Charme Bridal and Prom in Buford, GA. They were so helpful! The woman on the phone said, “We don’t have that style yet, but I know we are getting it soon. I bet nobody else had it because it is a part of the new fall line. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?” How great is that‽‽ Not only did she give me some information about why I couldn’t find it, but she was really familiar with the dress I was drooling over! She took my name and number and told me that I would get a call when the dress came in. This was in July, and I figured I would check back with her in September… certainly a busy bridal shop would forget or lose the post-it with my name on it. Boy, was I wrong! I got a call toward the end of July telling me the dress was in and ready for me to slip on! I couldn’t believe it!! Even though I was almost sure that the she couldn’t quote me the price over the phone, I decided to ask what kind of money we were talking about. She took a moment to look up the price, and quoted it to me right then!!! And guess what… it was less than I was expecting!! I made an appointment for August 4th, and I made plans to share the experience with my mom and future mother-in-law.

We got down there on the big dress-trying day, and I was so excited… but I also wasn’t feeling so great. I was worried that my tummy would ruin the experience. Nicole Robinson, one of the sales associates, had my dress waiting in the fitting room for me to try on. She asked me if I wanted to try on anything else, so I told her my specific desires. That really limited her, so she came up with two other dresses to give me some contrast. I put the dress I called for on, and was so excited. Wedding dresses run REALLY small, so it didn’t look quite right, but I totally got the vision. Mom said it was the first time I had smiled all day, and David’s mom could tell that I had a happy glow about me. I knew this was it. Since I had never been in a bridal gown before, Nicole had me put on the others. They were nice, but they really weren’t for me. I put the first dress back on, and mom said, “You know that’s the one.” I pranced around for a bit, and mom tried a few different veils on my head. I couldn’t be happier with my dress. Every other dress that I think is pretty has been totally wrong for my body type and/or the overall theme of our wedding.

I am always asked if mom and I cried. We didn’t, but that doesn’t bother me. I think we will when I actually get my dress that is the right size and fitted. That’s when it will hit us that I am wearing the dress I am going to get married in. Mom and I have always been pretty serious about shopping, so our focus was more about what we need to do to it alterations-wise and accessory-wise.

Both the ladies at the shop were so helpful. Even though I would’ve liked to go to a bridal shop closer to home (not that there are that many around here), they made it totally worth the trip. I plan to send my bridesmaids over there to get their dresses. I am dying to get the call that tells me my dress has come in!! Unfortunately, the rest of you will have to wait over a year to see it.


  1. cathy

    AHHHH! I’m so excited!!

    and blast…. I want a picture emailed to me… even if it’s just one out of the catalog/website

  2. Caitlin

    Giiiiirrrrrl, I don’t remember seeing a picture of yours before your wedding. 😛

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