Roswell Founders Hall

Roswell Founders Hall

Oct 28
Roswell Founders Hall

After leaving Historic Great Oaks and inhaling some yogurt, we made our way to Roswell Founders Hall. I was honestly ready to not be impressed. I didn’t know a lot about the venue, I was already coming from a place I didn’t like, and I was still in love with Primrose Cottage. We get there and the first thing I notice is that they have their own parking lot. This may sound like a minor thing, but it is a huge deal. None of the other places had their own parking. When you’re thinking about 125-150 people, you don’t want to worry about them actually being able to get there.

We began to walk inside as we passed the back patio. I saw a gazebo!! It was so pretty. We stopped and looked at it. I was instantly able to picture some photos with our wedding party. From there we went to the front door, passing the beautifully decorated front lawn – I am a sucker for a good black bistro set, and they had at least three. We were welcomed in with a smile from Tami. She was so refreshing, and I knew I would love working with her. She showed us the room that David and I would go to first for our alone time, and then she walked us around to where the bar was. Even though there won’t be any alcohol served at our reception, I think the bar will be a really nice touch.

Then came the ballroom… gorgeous! There are two ways into the ballroom: the main hallway and the bar. We already had options for our grand entrance! As we entered the ballroom, I observed that she cared about us choosing them. She had a few table mock ups (complete with lit candles) to help us visualize some of the options, which really helped. In addition, she lit the fireplace for us since she knew it would be a November wedding. Keep in mind this was a summer afternoon in Georgia. Lighting the fireplace just for me was a huge deal.

She showed us where the cake would be prominently displayed, where the DJ would be (David’s obligatory joke about his initials: “Well, the other DJ”), where our buffet would be, and where our head table would be. She took us outside to the various porches/balconies, and then we went out front. She explained how the whole get-away car situation would work, and then I asked her the big question about what is allowed to be tossed. I braced myself for disappointment. Everywhere else that we’d been had told us that our only options were bubbles or streamers. We jokingly decided on jazz hands, because our options were so limited. Teeny tiny little angels began to sing as she said, “whatever you want.” WHAT? I love you, Tami!!

It was then that Primrose Cottage began to fade away in my mind. We sat down to talk about the details, and she just kept impressing us. We have all the freedom we desired. Mom can add as much creative flair as she wants, and I can be at peace with all the little things that are important for me. The one thing we had no choice on was the caterer, but that’s ok, because they’re a great choice! My mom went to talk to them about my needs and wants, and they were totally helpful… but that’s another post.

Leaving Roswell Founders Hall, I knew that would be our venue. It was less history than I had hoped for and more “event facility” than I thought I’d like, but it is truly perfect. It is such a nice balance, and it will be such an intimate and elegant place for our reception. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything about it that I don’t love. I couldn’t wait to bring David by to see it!

Note from David: However, the fact that “Founders” is not possessive in the venue title will need to be negotiated. That is all.

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  1. Dad (groom's dad, that is)

    Your excitement is contagious and your enthusiasm is infectious! I’m really a melancholy old softie, and must acknowledge my tears as I read your report and began to see us all there! Think you can hardly wait? Ditto! I love you both.

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