About Reception Venues

About Reception Venues

Aug 16

You’d think that having 500 days (well, 461 days as I’m writing this) would give us plenty of time to slowly plan out everything and take our time. You might be right, considering no less than four of our friends have managed to plan weddings and receptions in a third of the time that we have to plan ours. But if you take solely from our experience so far, you’d be dead wrong.

A few things we’ve already learned about booking reception venues.

  • They can fill up way ahead of time. It’s insane. One of the reception venues we visited, the Whitlock Inn, already has weddings booked the weekend before and the weekend after ours — 15 months from now. We’re not even able to book our church until a year before the wedding, but the reception venues are already both available and in demand.
  • Prices change at the end of the year. Our initial plan had been to start looking now so we could slowly balance our options, weigh our choices, and likely come to a decision early next year. But several of the places we’ve visited (and people we’ve talked to) have mentioned that prices tend to change at the end of the year, and that by booking in 2011, we’ll receive 2011’s prices rather than 2012’s. That may be a useful lesson to anyone else planning a wedding in the near future: regardless of when your wedding date is,  if it’s possible to book the venue during the previous calendar year, do so. For us it’s quite a stretch time wise, but I can imagine planning a summer wedding and thinking that January is the ideal time to book; but book only a month earlier and you might find a significant drop in prices.
  • Food is expensive. It just is. Anyone want to join in starting a “potluck reception” trend just in time for it to be in vogue next November?

(Image credit Jon Luty.)

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